Kid Casters, the Outdoors
Lifelong Memories

Our goal is to help you get the most out of your time outdoors with your family as you keep your traditions alive and make memories together.

Starting kids on fishing early, means they are equipped for a lifetime of fun, enjoyment, & the endless rewards that come with an appreciation for the Outdoors.

Starting kids with a decent fishing rod helps, too.

Our products eliminate the hassle of a tangled line & the disappointment of missing a bite, meaning adults spend less time untangling & everyone enjoys more time taking in the Outdoors with family & friends.

Kids Fishing Initiative

Childhood is meant to be filled with lessons & opportunities to learn. While we may not have as much control as we would like over the information that the world offers to young people, we do have an amazing opportunity to channel kids’ eagerness to discover the world around them.

The Kids Fishing Initiative emphasizes the process of discovering through our efforts in education, conservation, & stewardship towards nature. By taking part in the Initiative, you & your family can improve your community and contribute to future generations in a meaningful way. Take part in a legacy that preserves the things that are most important by making time spent outdoors a priority & a valued part of your family’s lives.

Get outside, discover nature, & have fun together. When you take part in activities like the Kids Fishing Initiative, it really is that simple… get outside. Have fun together & discover nature.